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The Institut für Kommunikation und Gehirnforschung nach Haffelder under the authority of Neuroscience and Art e.V.  (Amtsgericht Stuttgart VR723501) has its main focus on learning, learning support and cerebral damages. Our scientific staff originates from the field of physics, psychology, education, biology, informatics, music, and medicine.

The basis of our work is a method of EEG spectral analysis developed by the sadly far to early deceased director of the institute, Günter Haffelder. This graphic method makes it possible for us to gain a deeper insight in functional and dynamic processes of the brain, and to make precise and meaningful interpretations about individual correlations among learning, memory and emotional topics. Such interpretations are based on the measurement which can be depicted three-dimensionally, and which is made by means of standardised, empirically validated testing procedures. The versatile use of the EEG spectral analysis is documented in numerous research projects.

In the educational sector, the correlation of learning disorders and the effect of different learning methods are investigated; in the medical sector, research concentrates primarily on the possibilities of re-building lost functional brain processes. The findings and results from this research are used for the development of the neuroactive CD. After an EEG spectral-analytical measurement, this CD can be made individually for optimising learning and efficiency, and overcoming cerebral damages.

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